Makossa & Megablast

So the good times on the beach festivals and the worldly travelling has to come to a stop! Time to return to the Luv Lite studies in Vienna to get down to the ‘nitty gritty’ of classic retro analogue knob twiddling! Finding the freshest and most innovative musicians and vocalists, and ‘getting it down’ is a pain-staking venture at best. Those days and those travels of playing in front of 30,000 happy smiley people on a beach come into play though (thankfully). Experiences, states and situations, the emotions and the sensations of the last four years! Well, Makossa and Megablast do a fantastic job of applying them to ‘Soy Como Soy’. The guys have come home, and are better for it. Sounds are even tighter, more precise and exact. Vocalists illuminate the scenes and the songs.