La Rochelle Band

The LA ROCHELLE BAND live consists of Peter Cruseder on keys and electronics, Flo Kasper on drums and Ricarda Maria on vocals. It’s a dynamic live band finding the bridge between live improvisation and the sounds of the album. La Rochelle by the way is named after a French city where the sun is said to shine all the time. That’s what people can expect from their live shows as well. Good moods and vibes.
PETER CRUSEDER first produced more techno oriented sounds and beats at the beginning of his career as a producer. His profession as a jazz piano player soon helped him to find his own style between electronic- and warm organic sounds as well as building a groovy live band. All together this is a package based on crunchy bass and melodic arrangements. This shouldn’t be considered as a trademark-sound even if some of the tracks have funky baselines and house drums. It’s more surprises and unexpected things that make La Rochelle Band to be a unique act.