La Rochelle Band are about to send ripples through the music world with the intergalactic launch of "Rocket Man", the first single off their new long player Wonderland which is set to drop this autumn. Mixed to perfection by the band’s mastermind Peter Cruseder, the song unites state of the art electronics, bombastic big band beats and the seductive sensuality of the soulful vocals of Ricarda Maria to create a musical diamond that will not only send electro fans into Wonderland fever!


La Rochelle Band’s brand-new single “Love Me Too” is an explosive taste of what to expect on their upcoming LP “Wonderland“, which is set to be released in spring. Producer Peter Cruseder and singer Ricarda-Maria are in top form, mixing sexiness, clever samples and massive melodies to create a track full of electro-innovation from the steel city Linz. „Love me too“ is dripping with hit potential and the dirty-flirty soul sound that the La Rochelle Band are world-renowned for, giving electro fans a generous helping of “the good stuff“ as they wait with bated breath for the release of “Wonderland“.


We proudly present a new member of the etage noir family....TINUSH from Berlin! After 2 years full of experiments, Tinush feels comfortable with the production of "club music" right now. He defined a clear style that characterizes him until today. His experiences and short term affairs with jazz and orchestral music are very obvious in his works and flow into almost all of his recent production. Be it Berlin, be it Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Vienna or Zurich, Tinush is in demand in the scene and booked as never before! This is also demonstrated by its nearly 40,000 Soundcloud followers. Not only in terms of numbers he does play in a league with Kölsch, Worakls and Nils Hoffmann.

La Rochelle Band presents GOOD TIME TONIGHT

The La Rochelle Band’s brand new EP “Good Time Tonight” delivers exquisite electro music with hit potential. The trio led by Peter Cruseder has been mixing it with the electro elite since the release of “Work that Body”. With “Good time tonight” Peter has once again produced music of the highest caliber to shake your tail feather too. With this EP, the band has created party electro music for the advanced, getting four to the floor connaisseurs, glamour chicks and party aficionados alike onto the dance floors, and will also be taking pride of place in their future playlists as well.


Parov Stelar continues with his EP release strategy with the „Clap Your Hands EP“. The artist has released numerous EPs over the last ten years which have often given us a little taste of the new albums and this one is no different. „The Sun feat. Graham Candy“ is a track which doesn’t just follow the sun, despite it being a perfect anthem for summer. It also transports something completely independently, which is best described by a tonal Fata Morgana in the mountains of New Zealand. This is the land that gave birth to Graham Candy, the man who is currently turning heads with his exceptional voice. WATCH THE BRAND NEW VIDEO:

Max The Sax – Now On Tour!

Max The Sax is an essential part of both the Parov Stelar Band and the Parov Stelar Trio’s shows. His unmistakable saxophone style and his eccentric performances have made him a firm favourite across the world. He is a real rock star amongst saxophonists and always impresses with his explosive playing, bringing smiles to the faces of those watching and never failing to send fans into euphoria. His masterful talent for improvising club music and his happiness to interact with the crowd set him out from the rest. Fans can expect to see, hear and witness history in the making in his solo show as he plays completely new jazzy interpretations of classic club tunes and hidden gems.

Welcome to Makossa & Megablast

So the good times on the beach festivals and the worldly travelling has to come to a stop! Time to return to the Luv Lite studies in Vienna to get down to the ‘nitty gritty’ of classic retro analogue knob twiddling! Finding the freshest and most innovative musicians and vocalists, and ‘getting it down’ is a pain-staking venture at best. Those days and those travels of playing in front of 30,000 happy smiley people on a beach come into play though (thankfully). Experiences, states and situations, the emotions and the sensations of the last four years! Well, Makossa and Megablast do a fantastic job of applying them to ‘Soy Como Soy’. The guys have come home, and are better for it. Sounds are even tighter, more precise and exact. Vocalists illuminate the scenes and the songs.


For nearly thirty years, Rodney hunter has been twiddling knobs, pushing sliders, arranging and playing on some seriously exceptional music. He’s been nominated for Grammy’s, mixed it with the best including Gravediggaz, Doug E. Fresh, Aphrodelics or Tosca, and just about anything else you care to mention in the world of music. Past, present and you can guarantee the future too, that he will have his finger on the pulse of what is current and appropriate, but you can be sure also that he delivers music that has influence, admiration and has shaped his existence.

ETAGE NOIR proudly presents YOSSI SWING

From a classical pianist in the past,to an electronic dj\producer, one of the pioneers of the Electro Swing movement in tel aviv, a co founder of SwingOtopia, and an executive producer of Segment, a live electro swing band with live musicians. Over the past 9 years YossiSwing aka DjenTelman has preformed in top club,bars,mega restaurants, fashion shows etc.. all over Tel Aviv,and recently all over Europe as well. his sets are known as an intercultural and international musical journey's. a mix of swing, ghetto funk, nu jazz,electro swing,nu funk,rockabilly,house swing and many more.

New arrival in our Artist Roster - SEGMENT from Tel Aviv

Segment is an musical project created by Yossi Shauley aka YossiSwing and or-Ron Stern aka Symbolico from Israel. The basic idea was to take the elements of traditional swing and folk music and combine them with a modern production and scorching psy and electro swing Loops and beats. The Unique style and HD sound of the segment is a a force to be reckoned with.)) So make sure you are bringing your dancing shoes,coz you will jump like a monkey before you know it.